Welcome to the land of nature, peace and vivid religion – Dharamshala

Dharamshala is located in the upper reaches of the Kangra valley in Himachal Pradesh and is placed at an average altitude of 1,475 meters above sea level. The city is surrounded a thick cover of deodar cedar trees and is one of the major strong holds for the Tibetan refugees and the seat of the 14th dalai lama of the Tibetan sect of Buddhism. The town due to its picturesque surroundings and the presence of the Dalai Lama has made the town a popular tourist destination, both for the Indians and the foreign tourists. The heart of the Tibetan community of Dharamshala is the settlement of McLeodGanj, which runs along a ridge overlooking the town of Dharamshala proper. McLeodGanj is a small but bustling international centre which blends flavours of Lhasa with elements of a modern Euro-American town in the setting of an Indian shepherds’ village.

Mcleodganj tourist town – 12kms

Mcleodganj is a town of mixed cultures - Indians, Tibetans and people from all over the world live and mingle here. The Dalai Lama's monastery, a serene statue of Lord Buddha presides over the gentle chanting of the monks.

Bhagsu Temple & Waterfall – 14 kms

About two kilometers from McLeod is a holy shrine of Shiva temple. It also has a fresh water public pool used for swimming. Another half km is a beautiful waterfall which is fed by water from glacier.

Dal lake & Naddi – 13 kms

Just 2 kms from Mcleodganj is the sacred Dal Lake known for its religious waters. Another 1 km is the heights of Naddi, where one can see the sunset point and the Dhauladhar ranges very closely.

St. John’s Church – 10 kms

"St, John's Church in The Wilderness" is one of the most poignant memories of the British Raj. It is a stone church with delicate stained glass window panes and the grave of Lorg Elgin, the then British viceroy of India who died in Dharamshala in 1863.

Gyuto Karmapa Monastery – 8 kms

The Karmapa (Ogyen Trinley Dorje)'s resides at The Gyuto Monastery at Sidhbari about six kilometers from Dharamsala. "Karmapa" denotes "the one who carries out buddha-activity" or "the embodiment of all the activities of the buddha."

Norbulingka Institute – 7 kms

The Norbulingka Institute functions under the guidance of His Holiness The Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of the Tibetan people. The institute promotes the traditional art and literary studies of Tibet.

HPCA Cricket Stadium – 3 kms

Stated as one of the most beautiful cricket stadium in the world, the HPCA cricket stadium is a one of it's class. With the backdrop of the mighty snow clad Dhauladhar mountain, the stadium provides an enthralling view.

Kangra Fort – 18 kms

The Kangra city is known for its beautiful temples and artistic heritage. It is home of the exquisite Kangra miniature paintings which flourished under the patronage of King Sansar Chand from 1775 to 1823. The fort is 1 kms from Kangra.

Masroor Rock Cut Temple – 30 kms

The beautiful Indo-Aryan style rock cut temples at Masroor which are carved out of monolithic rocks by the Pandavas during their exile while they visited this place. It is also called the Ellora of Himachal Pradesh.